Spur Help Guide

Welcome to the Spur Help Guide

Create a New Page

Add a Page

To add new pages, links, and contact forms to the page tree, click the “Add New” button in the upper-right portion of the screen. This opens a popup which prompts you to select:

  • Content Page
    • Select this to create a basic page for content
  • Link
    • Select this to create a link to an outside web page which will appear within the primary page navigation
  • News Page
    • Select this to create a page for news items
  • Search Page and Contact Form
    • These options allow you to create a search page or an e-mail contact form page. Because these pages require some specific configuration to function properly, please reach out to the NCBA web team via Help Desk when creating or managing these pages types.

Page Types
Users determine what type of page to create.

Page Layouts
Select a layout to use on the page (this can be changed later).

After selecting the page type you’d like to make you will be prompted to select a layout, (this can be changed later). Click the desired layout and you will be brought to the “Create” tab with the selected layout expanded and titled by section.

Working with Posts

Adding content to your page is as simple as creating or adding posts. To do this:

  1. Hover over the layout section you wish to add content to
  2. Select “Add New Post” or “Add Existing Post”
When at least one post resides in a layout section, hovering over the post will give you options to move, edit, duplicate, and delete the post. You can add any number of individuals posts to a layout section.

Adding a Post to a Page
Users can hover over a section of the layout to "Add New Post" or "Add Existing Post"

There are two ways you can add existing posts to a layout section:

  1. Single
    1. A single post is one you’ve created previously.
  2. Collection
    1. A collection is a filtered list of posts which match a set of criteria. When adding a collection, you can determine the maximum number of posts to display, which tags the posts must have, as well as a date filter.

Note: When adding a single post to a layout section, whether new or existing, you will not be able to also add a collection without removing the single posts first. Conversely, when adding a collection to a layout section, you will not be able to also add single posts to that section until you remove the collection itself. (Removing a collection does not delete the posts visible in the section, but instead will display each of them as an individual post.)

Add a Single Existing Post
Add a single existing post by selecting the checkbox on the right.

Add a Collection of Existing Posts
Collections of posts can be filtered by tags and/or dates.

Edit Layout

To edit the page’s layout, click “Edit Layout” in the upper-right portion of the screen. This will give you an option to navigate to a specific section of the current layout or to choose a different layout.

Note: Changing layouts may require you to manually add posts back to certain layout sections.


To exit the page without saving, click “Cancel” at the bottom of the page.

Delete Page

To delete the page, click “Delete Page” at the bottom of the page and confirm your choice by clicking “Delete” or “Cancel” in the popup that appears.


To preview the page before publishing your work, click “Preview” at the bottom of the page.


To publish your page click “Publish” at the bottom of the page, which will save your changes and make the page live according to the settings you selected.