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Content Blocks

Manage Blocks

The right sidebar will show all of the available Content Blocks in Spur for all of the websites.

Add New Block

Click on the “Add New Block” button and the screen will change to reveal a form and content editor for the new block.
Give a descriptive name that would be clear to the common admin.

Available to Specific Type

This sets the type of Post that the Content Block should be available to be used with. Only one Post type can be selected for each Content Block. For example, a Content Block can be assigned for just the Slideshow Post type so that special formatting can be limited to use in that feature only.

Module Type

This is optional and can be used to limit the content block to only be used with a specific module or type of page such as Search, Contact, or News.

Thumbnail Image

Click the “Upload a new Thumbnail” to add an image that represents the design, style, and layout of the Content Block. The image must follow the following format:

  • PNG 24 format
  • Width: 189px
  • Height: 40px - 250px
53 pixels of additional space will be added below the image, filled in with the item's title and color. 
Click the “Select Image” button and find the file on your local device and click “Open”. You will see a preview of the image in the box outlined in the modal pop-up window. You can then either “Change” or “Remove” the image, or if you approve of the preview you can click on the “Upload” button. If the image is named the same as an existing image, you will receive the following warning:

"Warning if you proceed to upload this file it will overwrite the existing file of the same name: block-black2columnimage.png"

Click on the “Create Block” to create the new Content Block.