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Media Library

When a site is selected, the media library allows users to upload and manage images and documents specific to the selected site. Items can be displayed in four different views: list and grid. Users can also filter the media library using the search box at the top of the page. The buttons on the bottom of the images allow users to edit, see usages of media items and delete media from the media library.

Media Library

The media library allows for users to view all media available to a specific site.

Optimizing Media for Spur

Why is it important to optimize media?

  • Media makes up a significant percentage of a web page's overall weight
  • Improves page loading speed
    • If a page or document takes too long to load or download, the website visitor will navigate away from the web page
  • Improves SEO
    • Search engines rank slow sites lower

Modify or Replace Media

Modifying or replacing media items allows users to keep the most current version of the files available in the media libray.

  • Select desired media item to modify
  • Check “Replace Item” if replacing media
    • Select new media to upload
  • Modify name, description, and keywords as needed
  • Select Save Media Item

Replace a Media Item

Media items can be replaced when selecting the media item and checking "Replace Item."