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Media Library

When a site is selected, the media library allows users to upload and manage images and documents specific to the selected site. Items can be displayed in four different views: list, small grid, large grid and single large view. Users can also filter the media library using the search box at the top of the page. The buttons on the bottom of the images allow users to edit, see usages of media items and delete media from the media library.

Media Library Overview
The media library allows for users to view all media available to a specific site.

Upload a Media Item

  • Select Media Library Icon
  • Select "Add New Media Item"
  • Select media type
    • Image
      • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, tiff
    • Document
      • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, xlsx
    • Embedded
      • Provide external embed HTML code to media
  • Select Location
    • Hosted by us (uploaded)
      • Media is uploaded and lives in the Spur media library
    • External Resource (linked)
      • Media is linked through outside source
        • ie. Linked to a YouTube video
      • Paste external link in “External URL” field

Add New Media
Select a media type before adding new media. Users can also link to external media by linking to an external URL.

Embed Media HTML
Select "Embedded" media to insert embedded HTML, such as a YouTube embed video.

Media Settings

  • Image Cropper
    • Select "Custom Image-Crop" to crop images within the CMS
  • Use Sub-folder
    • Select sub-folder or create a new folcer to place media in
  • File Name & Item Name
    • Rename if necessary
  • NewsTag Keywords
    • Enter keywords to include media items in search results
  • Item Description
    • Enter a short description of the media for search results
  • Save Media

Media Settings
Below the uploaded media will be settings to custom crop an image, save it in a sub folder, change the name and description, as well as add NewsTag keywords.

Modify or Replace Media

Modifying or replacing media items allows users to keep the most current version of the files available in the media libray.

  • Select desired media item to modify
  • Check “Replace Item” if replacing media
    • Select new media to upload
  • Modify name, description, and keywords as needed
  • Select Save Media Item

Replace a Media Item
Media items can be replaced when selecting the media item and checking "Replace Item."