Spur Help Guide

Welcome to the Spur Help Guide

Multi-File & Single Uploads

1. Drag and Drop Selected Files or Select “Browse” Button to open File Explorer to upload the desired number of files (Up to 10)

2. While uploading, success indicators will indicate the status of the upload.

If successful, the file settings will display. If an error occurred, a dialogue would appear at the top of the page indicating which files were unable to be uploaded.

3. All input fields are required. 

  • Filename: Automatically imported from the file
  • Item Name: Title of media item, appears on hover and when a screen reader displays the title tag
  • Item Description: Up to 100-character description of media item for search and screen readers to use to identify the item.
  • Exclude from Search: Check the box to exclude this document from site search (Note: this does not exclude this document from external search such as Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Tags: Optional, used for media items that appear in search results when programmed with a site. Consult a Web Team member for more information.
  • Asset Source: Who owns the asset. Ex. Adobe Stock, NCBA, USDA, etc.

4. Change: Allows users to change the asset if needing to be replaced or updated

5. Remove: Deletes the asset from the library

6. Cancel: Select the “X” in the upper right corner while uploading content to cancel the upload.

A notification will appear in red above the upload to confirm the cancel, where the user can select the “X” again to confirm canceling the upload. 

7. Save Media when ready to upload to the library