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Posts are entries that are displayed on website pages. Posts give complete control over writing options. They allow for publishing separate pieces of content on the same page that have separate start and end dates to allow for rotating posts.

Searching the Posts List

Use the search bar, pagination, records, and post type tabs to filter down Posts List results.

The Posts List

The Posts tab on Spur displays a list of all posts stored on your website. A post does not need to be placed on a web page to be included in the Posts List.

When searching for a specific post, the admin can filter down the posts list results using the search bar, records, pagination, and post type tabs. The records drop down feature allows for viewing of 10, 25, 50 or 100 records per page. The Posts List summarizes all posts by post type, post title, summary, post date, updated date, and action tools.

Action Tools

Edit: Click the pencil icon to open the Post Editor and edit a specific post.

Duplicate: Click the duplicate paper icon to duplicate a post in the Posts List. This function is useful when creating multiple separate posts that are similar in layout and content.

Trash: Click the trashcan icon to permanently delete a post from the website and Spur. A warning pop-up will appear to make sure the admin wants to complete this action. Once deleted, the action cannot be undone.

Revisions: Click the reverse icon to revert a post to a previous saved version. This will open a list of all previously saved versions of that post. The admin can view a previous version of a post by clicking in the preview (eye) icon adjacent to a listing of a previous version of that post. The admin can then select which previous version of the post to revert to. *Warning, posts can only be reverted backwards, not forwards (Ex. If the date is 11/12/18, a post can be reverted to it's 10/20/18 version, but cannot then be reverted again to how the post looked on 11/2/18).

Usages: Click this accordion icon to view where a specific post is placed on the live website. A post can be placed on multiple web pages.

Post Types

  • Content Post: Used when creating a general content post to place on a web page.
  • News Post: Used when creating news content posts that auto-populate on a News Module page layout (Often titled News, News Releases, or Press Releases). When a news post link is clicked on, the news post will open within a News Module template.
  • Slideshow Post: Used to create a carousel of 2 or more images. This Post Type is mostly utilized for Home page slideshows and image galleries.
  • Extension Post: Used to embed custom coded extensions to a web page. This post type is created by the NCBA Web Team and is often used to add extensions like Sharing Tools and custom blocks.

Editing and Formatting Posts Using the Toolbars

Horizontal toolbar: A post can be edited by selecting the text and choosing from the toolbar edit options.
Vertical toolbar: The post can be moved, code changes applied, post can be duplicated and can also be deleted.

Text Toolbar Icons

  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Underline text
  • Erase text Formatting
  • Change text to a Header type (Header 1 - 6), a block-quote, or paragraph text
  • Justify text
  • Convert Text paragraphs into a bulleted, numbered, or indented list
  • Convert text to subscript
  • Convert text to superscript
  • Link text to another web page, a media item, or an external link
  • Unlink text
  • Add a glyph from the glyph pallet
  • Add a button