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How to add and edit Recipe Collections

State Beef Council Framework

Managing Collections in the State Beef Council Framework

  1. Manage the Recipe page from the Page Tree to open the Page Editor
  2. Locate the ExploreRecipes Page Layout Section. The Recipe Collection post should already be in this section
  3. Edit the Recipe Collection by clicking on the edit icon for the post (the pencil icon). This will open the Collection Module (see image).
  4. The field titled "Recipe Collections" lists all the current Beef. It's What's For Dinner. recipe collections included on the Recipes landing page. To remove a collection, simply hover over a recipe collection title and click the "X" icon adjacent to the collection title to remove the collection.
  5. To add a Recipe Collection, insert your cursor in the Recipe Collections filed and start typing in the official name of a Beef. It's What's For Dinner. recipe collection to be added. Once the name of the desired recipe collection appears in the drop down menu underneath the input field, select the collection. You can find names of available recipe collections on the Beef. It's What's For Dinner. website.
  6. When done editing and adding recipe collections, click the 'Save and Place' button for the collection post to publish your changes to the website.

Non-State Beef Council Framework Sites

  1. Download the Recipe Collection Excel document
  2. In the document, there are multiple tables representing separate recipe collections. Each table has three columns, Recipe Name, Recipe Collection Title, and Recipe ID. In each table, replace the Recipe Collection Title header with the name of the recipe collection you want to add or edit. (Ex. Kid-Friendly Meals).
  3. Under the Recipe Name header, list the recipe name of each BIWFD recipe that you want included in the collection. Copy and paste a link to each BIWFD recipe in the second column adjacent from each recipe tile. *Add more rows if you have more recipes to add to a collection than available table rows.
  4. Leave the third column as is. This column is used by the NCBA web team to import your recipe collection/s into Spur.
  5. Once done, save the document and then attach the document to a Help Desk ticket requesting the NCBA web team to update your website's recipe collection/s.