Spur Help Guide

Welcome to the Spur Help Guide

Create a Post

Create a new content post

1. Click the 'New Post' button

Go to the Posts page and click the 'New Post' button on the top right-hand corner or the web page.

2. Select Post Type

Content post types are for general content, News post type are for news posts that populate on a news feed, and Slideshow posts are for home page hero and general image slideshows.

Content Builder

NCBA’s proprietary content management system, Spur, is built with a drag-and-drop content editor and layout builder, which has been updated to allow for an even easier content publishing experience. Moving column content has never been so simple; with the click of a mouse, a column will now relocate to a desired position, and with additional capabilities that allow for building multi-column content, photo gallery layouts, slideshows and more, this latest system update ensures that your best digital content is always within reach.

3. Content Builder

Spur's content editor now features a drop down menu sorting content blocks by post type, Content, News, Slideshow, and All Content Blocks. This allows users to focus on the blocks for the desired content needs.

4. Drag and Drop Content Block to the Editing Area

Once a content block has been placed in the editing workspace, users can begin to edit the block’s details.  

  • Users can update text with the text editor toolbar that appears once text is on the screen
    • Update Subscript, Superscript, Uppercase, Headings, Glyph Icons, and Buttons with the available icons on the Toolbar
  • Media items can be edited by clicking on the item to display the edit and linking tools, that will always be in the top center of the media item 

New Features

5. Content Block Toolbar Enhancements

Content blocks can be rearranged by using the toolbar on the left of the content block, selecting the ellipses (…), and then choosing to move the block up or down with the arrow buttons.

6. Multi-Column and Single Element Content Block Editing

  • Content blocks that have multi-column structures can also be arranged by using the toolbar on the upper left of the content block, selecting the ellipses (…), and then choosing the left or right arrow buttons
    • It is not recommended to move items at the column level up or down.  
  • Content block elements (images, paragraphs, headings) can be rearranged by using the toolbar on the lower right of the element, selecting the ellipses (…), and then choosing to move the element up or down with the arrow buttons. 

7. Add Post Settings

The post settings can be found on the second tab of the Post Editor. In the settings, title the post. Optional fields you can also fill in are Author, Post Date, Start/End Dates, Meta Information, and Tags. See the Post Settings section to learn more about the different settings.

8. Click the 'Save And Place' button

When done with the post and post settings, click on the 'Save and Place' button to publish the post to the Posts List.